What Is The Real Meaning of Financial Freedom?

Posted By on Aug 26, 2016 |

When you graduated college and your parents promised you that you’re going to do things in your own terms without any aid from your family because you are a legal adult now and that would mean freedom right? It is all about your choices now and your dreams, no more parents orders or demands of you doing this and that because they think that’s the only way for you to have a secure life.

But what if you have already plans of your own? Plans that would make your dreams come true? Did you get all excited, right? You want to start your plans, but first, you got to have a job.

Now, the real challenge begins. Your parents won’t help you now.

They’re not going to fund you anymore because you are already graduated from college and they expect you to find a job right after. So, you did.

4 months-6 months you find a job that you are not happy with or satisfied with, but you keep on going anyway because you want to earn money in order to fund your dreams, but the saddest thing is you are not happy. You are restricted now.

Trapped. You are struggling and facing difficult challenges that sometimes you feel like you want to quit and just become a NEET and let your parents take care of you.

But you don’t want that. You know it won’t make you happy.

So you have to swallow your pride and head out to work. You must know the important thing first.

MONEY is not everything; it does not make you rich. You won’t be satisfied and you can never find true happiness through money.

You must face facts. It is understandable that society has put a lot of pressure on you lately, especially when you’re freshly graduate and you’re still looking for a purpose in your life and working yourself to death is the answer, or a stepping stone for you to become a success.

But that’s not it. Working yourself in order to earn big is not the only answer. Money may be the answer to all your problems, and perhaps there are some truths about it, but money is only used to provide you the basic needs like food, clothing and shelter.

stock-exchange-911619__180You got to learn how to manage yourself, your time and your money. Do not be consumed that money is everything to the point you lost yourself.

Just keep in mind that saving money and spending only 10% is enough for you to keep on going. You got to start something small after all before going to the top.

Do not forget to spend that is only related to the basic needs do not spend on something that is unnecessary.  However, if you wish to continue in pursuing your dreams, then you can invest on them because that is what you want to do. Keep yourself determine, be optimistic because it won’t be easy, but in order to achieve financial freedom is to have complete self-control of yourself in order to control your expenses.